What a ride! This post is for all the folks out there that are thinking about taking a trip and are curious about outfitting your vehicles and trailers. There’s a lot of technical jargon in this post, so I’ll try and make it as digestible as possible for everyone. The truck is a 2016 Toyota […]

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Mt. Biking in Moab!

We had a few days in Moab to do some exploring, and I had an opportunity to ride a couple of trails. Since I hadn’t been on the bike in a while, I opted to take it (relatively) easy. Moab is at about 4,000 feet, so I didn’t want to destroy my precious, non-climatized lungs […]

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The Beehive State: Part I

This was our second time visiting Utah, the first time we explored the gorgeous Zion National Park with my (Jen’s) cousins. The red rock and beautiful water of the Virgin River is stunning. This time around we explored the northern and eastern part of the beehive state……we learned that is the nickname for Utah. According […]

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Minidoka: A US Concentration Camp

For those that don’t know, Minidoka is a National Historical Site and is one of the ten relocation centers used to intern Japanese Americans during World War II. Jen and I visited Manzanar out in the middle of the California desert a few years back, but Minidoka had a more personal connection for me as […]

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Idaho, Idaho!

We started our journey in Idaho, a state neither of us had ever visited. First we spent a couple days in the Boise area getting some last minute things organized with our trailer. Next, we headed south about two hours to the Snake River Valley. We had NO IDEA Idaho would remind us of Iceland! […]

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