Utah to Texas

You’d think it would be just a bunch of driving. You’re right! But during our 1,000 trek we had some fun along the way. Picking the route we felt most comfy with between Moab and Texas wasn’t easy.

Our choice was going a bit north and east on interstate 70 (4 lane freeway) through Colorado or more direct southeast route on highways 191 & 491 (mostly 2 lane highway) through the southwest corner of Colorado & New Mexico.

Since we’d never been to Colorado we chose interstate 70 because we heard it was beautiful and it goes through some of the famous ski areas, like Vail. We also feel more comfy pulling our trailer in the mountains on freeways. We had a short 3 1/2 drive from Moab, UT to Eagle, CO which allowed for a lunch stop & off leash time in the Colorado River for the dogs.

Once we got set up at our Hipcamp, we headed out to Vail Village for dinner. It was low season so many shops were closed but it was still fun to walk around the village. We had a great meal at Up The Creek.

Checking our of our HipCamp spot in Eagle, CO – Ready to get to some warmer weather!
Lucky displaying how dry and how much static was in the air!

And then…

As we pulled into our campground in Raton, NM, someone was waving us down saying we were dragging something underneath our RV! Taking one, very quick glance under the carriage, it was clear our water tank was about to fall off! Thankfully the tank taco’ed over the axle. There was just enough leverage from the side that didn’t fall down to keep the tank from full blown dragging on the freeway. This was one of the longer stretches of driving we’ve done—about 3.5 hours without stopping. I have no idea how long the tank was like this, but (thankfully) there was minimal road rash to the tank and no leaks! I feel real bad for whomever was following us because there was a significant amount of underlayment that flew off.

We were able to get this fixed by the, literal, only guy in town. He had it fixed in less than two hours. As he explained it, the screws that were holding the bracing in place that was holding the tank in place sheered off. Screws? Really? Holding this several hundred pound tank in place?! OK…

How we spent the 2 hours while the water tank was being fixed 🙂
Thank goodness we packed a shade canopy!
And then we got stuck behind this monstrosity!

Getting stuck behind this guy wasn’t all that bad. It was quite impressive how the driver made turns. I’m not even sure the picture does it justice on how big this thing was.

Finally made it to Fort Worth, TX where we swapped out our Coachmen for our new Grand Design!

2021 Image 2600RB by Grand Design

For more information on why we did this, check out the blog post: Rigs

And a visit to TX wouldn’t be the same without seeing some dear friends!

Trevor, Merton, Marva, & Jen

We were thrilled to meet up with these two while in Texas, it had been nearly 2 years since we’d seen their faces in person. Where to begin with the story of how they came into our lives?!? Let’s take it WAY back to the 90’s….1996 to be exact! 

Jen was 3 years post high school, working full time and attending part time junior college in Michigan. She had been dating Marva’s brother (the gorgeous lady in the sunglasses) about a year when he accepted a basketball scholarship to a small, Christian college in Scotts Valley, CA. A year later, Jen packed up her car and drove to California. She had $1500 in her bank account and no job lined up! She thought she would be in California for 2 years max.

Marva and her husband, Merton (the other handsome fella in the photo) allowed her to stay with them and their two adorable daughters (for free!) at their home in San Jose, CA. Things didn’t work out the way she hoped with Marva’s brother however soon after their breakup, she met Trevor.

Surprisingly, we were engaged within 6 months. It was exciting but also over whelming since we had very little money to pay for a wedding. Upon finding out about our engagement, Marva and Merton offered to host our wedding at their new home in a beautiful location in the East Bay Area hills. Not only did they host nearly 100 people for our wedding, they also allowed several of out of town family members to stay at their home for the weekend. We pulled off a fun and love filled wedding for about $5000!

These two have been a huge influence in our lives and a wonderful example of how to have a successful marriage. We could easily write several posts about the blessing these two have been in our lives. Let’s just say we want to be like Merton and Marva when we “grow up.”  They’ve lived outside of California for many years now and we miss them immensely. Anytime we have a chance to see them we take it!

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