The Beehive State: Part II

Our drive from Park City to Moab was fascinating! The landscape changes drastically in only 250 miles! After you leave higher elevations of Park City with pine and aspen trees, you drop drown into the high desert of the great Salt Lake area and once you’re off I-15 you jump onto highway 6 for 176 miles and things get really fun! Steep grades most of the time while dropping into the red rock desert.

After a very long drive from Park City, we arrived in Moab! This is how the dogs felt halfway through our drive……

We spent an extra 90 minutes on the road because Trevor had the wrong campground written down…..and we sat in ALL the Friday night traffic coming into downtown….WHOOPS!

The next day we got an earlier start! Trevor was on the the Slickrock bike trail by 8 am. This trail included 2,000 feet of elevation gain & was a 2 1/2 hour ride. Check out the full post and video here!

Jen took the dogs on a mellow walk at Ken’s Lake reservoir, it was very quiet and peaceful. Afterwards, we waited for Trevor to finish his ride at the Moab Bark Park.

Once we were all together again, we decide to hit up the Mill Creek Trail to give the dogs some time in the water. We didn’t get far because the beginning of the trail requires some bouldering & these days that’s a bit much for Lucky. We hung out in the creek & cooled down in the ice cold water. 

After all that activity we were ready to eat & enjoyed brunch at Hidden Cuisine. They have a lovely, dog friendly outdoor patio with a gorgeous view of south Moab.

Properly refueled, we decided to do the drive through Arches National Park. Jen is NOT a fan of two lane, mountain roads, with tight switchbacks & steep drops. The entrance road to Arches has a short (2 minute) climb with switchbacks.

Highway 120 on the way to Yosemite nearly had her in tears while Trevor drove them there for her first trip. Thanks to deep breathing, eyes closed, & Trevor’s expert driving she was able to make it into Arches.

Arches is so worth the short, scary assent!

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