The Beehive State: Part I

This was our second time visiting Utah, the first time we explored the gorgeous Zion National Park with my (Jen’s) cousins. The red rock and beautiful water of the Virgin River is stunning.

This time around we explored the northern and eastern part of the beehive state……we learned that is the nickname for Utah. According to World Atlas, “many residents believe that the “beehive” nickname is used as a testament to the virtues of hard work and perseverance in Utahans.” Now we knew why their highway signs have a beehive on them!

On our way from Idaho into Utah, we came upon ‘the middle of nowhere’……which was a gas station with alpacas and very expensive gas. The price was an arm and a leg!

The first two weeks of this trip was dedicated to vacation! We realized while planning our WWOOF route, it had been nearly a year since our last vacation, so we built vacation time into this trip. Our first stop in Utah was Crystal Hot Springs for some much needed R&R. If you haven’t noticed yet we like hot springs!

Crystal Hot Springs is about 30 mins north of Ogden and is very family friendly. They have multiple large warm pools, small hot pools, a HUGE mineral pool for swimming laps, and even a water slide – this is for fun and doesn’t use the mineral water. They also have a nice campground on site, which made it a perfect place for us to stay for a few days to relax and visit some of our friends who’d relocated to Ogden.

The weather in northern Utah was perfect for enjoying the warm spring fed pools at Crystal Hot Springs, at night we loved swimming in the huge pool and enjoying the full moon glow! Our dear friends from our area happened to be visiting Utah at the same time and we were able to meet up with them and our other friends from California who’ve relocated to Ogden, at the hot springs. The kiddos loved the water slide! Later that evening, we were able to have a big “family” dinner at the scenic Oaks Restaurant in Ogden canyon.

While in Utah, we also spent half a day trading in our Tacoma for a Tundra….definitely not vacation worthy experience but a necessary to do before continuing our trip! After picking up the our new truck, our next stop was Park City. This wasn’t in our original plan however the Tundra required crossbars being installed to carry our Thule roof box. We figured why not stay in a scenic and beautiful place while waiting for all that to happen!

During our 48 hours in Park City, we again were able to meet up with our good friends for dinner and ice cream. We walked the quaint streets of downtown Park City and saw a 1200 square foot cottage for sale for $1.4 million 😳 I snapped photos of a couple of our favorite houses downtown.

Park City reminded us a little bit of Lake Tahoe (without the lake) and of St Moritz, Switzerland, especially the colorful fall foliage, fancy clothing and jewelry stores. We enjoyed excellent meals Baan Thai Cuisine, Harvest Park City, and Park City Provisions. You definitely won’t go hungry visiting this town!

If you’re in the area, we recommend Park City RV Resort, they have hiking/biking trails that start right at the campground. We didn’t get in any hikes or bike rides, so we have it on our list to visit Park City again and spend at least a week. I did get lots of work done by the creek at Park City RV Resort, washed 3 loads of laundry, and gave both dogs a bath. Glamorous huh?!? W

Stay tuned……Utah part 2 will be ready soon!

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