Idaho, Idaho!

Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls

We started our journey in Idaho, a state neither of us had ever visited. First we spent a couple days in the Boise area getting some last minute things organized with our trailer. Next, we headed south about two hours to the Snake River Valley.

We had NO IDEA Idaho would remind us of Iceland!

The Snake River Valley along the 1000 Springs Scenic Byway was GORGEOUS! It has basalt rock like Iceland along with many waterfalls, smaller rivers, turquoise blue water, and lots of mineral springs.

We camped in the small and friendly town of Hagerman at Hagerman RV Park. Hagerman is also home to several mineral springs resorts where you can soak in the healing waters. A quick massage and soak in a private tub at Miracle Springs was a nice respite after lots of driving. We planned to kayak to Blue Heart Springs but the weather didn’t cooperate so we’ve added it to our list for next summer. Instead of the kayak trip, a couple short hikes with the dogs filled our desire to enjoy the beauty of the area.

Food wise, Ox Bow Diner in Bliss serves an amazing french toast and dinner at the Snake River Grill was delicious. After dinner, it was fun to have drinks and listen to a local band at Wilsons Bar.

On our way out of Idaho, we visited a different section of the Snake River at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls. This is the only bridge in the US where you can legally BASE jump, we didn’t see anyone jumping this time!

Our original plan didn’t include an overnight in Twin Falls however it turned out to be fate we stayed because Jen was able to meet one of her favorite famers and we were able to spent some time at Minidoka. This was the internment camp where Trevor’s grandma was interned during World War II. Trevor wrote an entire post on his experience at Minidoka you can read that here.

We are excited to return in the new year an WWOOF on a farm in Hagerman next year!

Capitol building, Boise
Frank Steunenberg, Governor of Idaho from 1897-1900, who was
assassinated in 1905. Read more about him here.
Parking lot mural downtown Boise
More of the mural downtown Boise
Brodie enjoying Together Treasure Island Dog Park near downtown Boise. This part is really an island and there is lots of water for pups to swim in.
Two of the public pools at Miracle Hot Spring
The very primitive, private tub at Miracle Hot Spring.
They also have VIP rooms but they were all booked. The water is silky smooth and your skin feels amazing after soaking.
One of the many waterfalls along the 1000 Springs Scenic Byway
Malad Gorge State Park
Pools at the Box Canyon Trail, we plan to hike to these spring fed pools someday. We couldn’t do it during our most recent visit because the beginning part of the hike was too steep for our dog Lucky.
Another view of Box Canyon
Famous french toast at Oxbow Diner in Bliss
A fun night out at Wilsons Bar listening to local band The Black Willows.
Pulling into our campground in Twin Falls, a trailer with California plates and an Organic Pastures sticker was in line in front of us. I said to myself, I wonder if this trailer belongs to Mark McAfee?!? 

Later that day, I saw the owners of the trailer getting into their truck. Trevor said you better get over there quick, so I ran over like a crazy person and started waving at the driver. As soon as he turned my way, I knew it was Mark! He and his wife Blaine got out of their truck and spent the next 30 minute chatting with us! Blaine gave us 8 ounces of their Jalapeño cheddar and I shared some of our recently picked Golden Delicious apples I had packed for our trip. So cool to do a food trade with the owners of Organic Pastures!

Jen also adores Root Down Farm, Fogline Farm, Live Earth Farm and Wild Culture Farm.
If you want to learn more about regenerative agriculture watch the movie “Kiss the Ground” on Netflix. It features Organic Pastures and Markegard Family Grass Fed. 
All the farms mentioned can be followed on Instagram.

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